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Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement has been adapted on August 23th, 2019.


Dear healthcare professional, we are delighted to have you on our platform and improve your knowledge today and in the future by providing a state-of-the-art platform that will support you on a user-friendly way with your continuous medical education. We at MedChronicle bvba (“MedChronicle”, “we”, “our”) respect your privacy and want to give you an insight how we gather data of you, how we use and treat it. This privacy statement describes the techniques used how your data is gathered and describes how you can exercise your right to view, correct and to limit the use of it.


Unless we point to another privacy statement in particular processes, this privacy statement is applicable on the MedChronicle platform (, the MedChronicle website (, the apps created by MedChronicle and the services provided by MedChronicle.


When using our services, apps, website or platform you agree with the Terms and Conditions in this Privacy Statement. You can’t use our services, apps, website or platform if you don’t agree with this Privacy Statement.


1. Who are we?
We are MedChronicle, a mixed team of business and IT profiles with decades of experience helping to improve and keeping up to date the knowledge of healthcare professionals. We are an organization founded in 2018 in Belgium and known in Belgium under the legal form “BVBA” or “Besloten Vennootschap met Beperkte Aansprakelijkheid”. Our legal company registration/identification number is 0715831690 as published in the Belgisch Staatsblad/Moniteur Belge, our VAT number is BE0715831690. We are located in the most beautiful village of Belgium, oud-Rekem. Our visiting address is Kanaal 23, 3621 Rekem, Belgium. You can reach us at [email protected] or via the contact details provided on our website 

2. Which data do we collect, how and what we are using it for? 
1.1 Data that you provide us directly
Some of the data is provided by yourself, here below we list how and how this is used. We collect our data based on legitimate interest. 

Account details 

When you subscribe to our e-learning platform you provide us with basic data that is needed in other to grant you access to our platform and to uniquely identify you as a health care professional. As a service provider in medical education is it crucial for the regulatory authorities that we can identify the right healthcare professional. 


Live broadcasting registration details 

When you participate to a live broadcasting event hosted by MedChronicle we will ask you to register yourself on paper of via an electronic device like a tablet. If the broadcasting event is or will likely be accredited for in the future, we will ask you to register in order to have you credits assigned when the regulatory authorities have approved accreditation points for the event. If you don’t want to have accreditation points assigned for this event, you are not obliged to register yourself. 


1.1 Data that is collected indirect
We can collect different types of data indirect eg. how you use our services, platform, apps. Read here below why we do this. 


eLearning details

Each elearning you follow (partially or complete) will be tracked (eg. progress, click behavior, result of exercises, time spent, …) for multiple reasons. The main reason is to prove participation if the eLearning is accredited by the regulatory authorities. Depending on the co-hosting party (if any) we can send you a participants certificate by e-mail. Another reason is that we are constantly trying to optimize our platform in order to give you a better customer experience. These insights help us a lot in our analysis. 


Technical details

Technical details like the browser you are using, the IP address, location, type of devices will be stored in order to troubleshoot better in case of an error and determine the root cause quickly.

De data collected here above will be stored in server logs, in the database or in cookies and linked to your account. 

3. With which parties do we share your data 
If our services are co-hosted, co-created we might share part of your data with these parties but only that part what is relevant. All other data remains save with us and will not be shared nor sold to external parties. 


4. Security of your data
Privacy by design, that is the motto of our development team. We will strive to use the latest state-of-the-art technologies and best practices in order to secure your data that is stored with us from the outside world. Don’t share your password to third parties, know it by heart and keep it secure for yourself. If in the unlikely condition you think your account is no longer secure, don’t hesitate to contact us on [email protected]


5. Your rights
You have certain rights that will allow you what is stated here below. 


5.1 The usage of your data 
It is your right to choose not to share certain data with us. The consequence of this is that we are not able to support certain activities on the platform nor can we guarantee the platform will work in a proper way. Be aware that when you are a healthcare professional and you need to prove course participation in any means, we are not able to provide this any longer. 

If you have questions regarding your data, the usage of it or your rights, please contact us at [email protected] 

5.2 Overview of your personal data, change your personal data or deletion of your account
We can provide an overview of your personal data that MedChronicle captures and stores. You can ask to change the following: 
•    Your personal information that has been directly been provided to us. 
•    The deletion of your account 

Please note that the deletion of your account some or all of your data may still be partially archived at MedChronicle as we are in some processes obliged by the regulatory authorities to retain some of your data for evidence reasons. Eg. when you are given credit points for an e-learning, we are obliged to retain participants information and tracking evidence for 5 years. Please note that at the moment we don’t have an automated process that will allow you to change your data nor to delete your account. If you are willing to change your data or have an insight in your data that has been stored, please drop us an email on [email protected]

6. How long is your data stored?  
We store your data for 5 years after your last login because of the regulatory authorities’ obligations to keep your data safely stored for 5 years to prove participants evidence. For all other processes we follow the same rule.


7. Updates 
From time to time we can update this Privacy Statement. When substantial changes are made in this statement our community will be notified by e-mail or via a notification on our platform the next time you login. Changes come in to effect and valid as of the moment they are published. If after the publication data of the changes you are still using our services, you agree with and accept the new Privacy Statement. The newly published Privacy Statement replaces all other previous versions of the Privacy Statement. 


8. Contact details in case of questions
You can reach us at any time via [email protected] with questions related to our Privacy Statement or security. You can also contact us via letter on the following address: MedChronicle bvba, Kanaal 23, 3621 Rekem, Belgium

9. Privacy Policy of Whereby

For breakout rooms our platform uses the Whereby software.

When using such a room, the Whereby Privacy Policy also applies.

It can be found here: Whereby Privacy Policy

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