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a one-stop-PLATFORM for all your WEBINARS, HYBRID and DIGITAL events




Medchronicle’s platform is build on the newest cloud technologies that allow you to easily create a webinar or convert your offline events into a professional hybrid event. We offer full business and technical support for your webinars allowing you to focus on your event. By streaming your event via our platform we are able to follow up on participants involvement.  



In addition to our broadcasting services to support your online webinars and events our platform also enables your event content to be easily managed online for review afterwards. Our platform supports different kind of formats to distribute your event content after the event took place. We can easily convert your event content to an e-learning, a one-pager with the ability to download PDF content or any other format that you have in mind. You name it, we create it. 



Our platform is so much more than just a streaming service. It is a one-stop-shop for all your broadcasting events from registration to (automatically) distributing the content afterwards. With our platform we have the ability to monitor participants involvement whether it is a webinar or during an e-learning or other format. Technically we use only state of the art solutions that guarantees no disruptions in our streaming services. 

We integrate easily with your organisations other tools like SSO providers. 

Let's talk about your online events, your demands and how we can support you with our platform. 




A unique blend of IT and business skills combined with years of sector knowledge are the ingredients that got Medchronicle started. For more than a decade we have been helping organizations optimizing their most complex business and IT challenges. With extensive knowledge in the domain of CME, the medical and pharmaceutical sector we are today more than ever ready to focus on one of the most complex challenges in the sector; shaping the future of Continuing Medical Education.  


Within Medchronicle we strongly believe that we can help shaping the future of Continuing Medical Education by using the latest state of the art technologies in combination with sector knowledge. We are convinced that with our skills in combination with our knowledge we will enrich the life of everybody who is involved in CME. Not only will medici benefit from the platform by giving him/her state of the art tools to participate in CME and track their progress. But also the processors by giving them the power of automated follow up and advanced content validation. 


The right skills build the right technology that will solve the most complex challenges. The digital world is evolving faster than ever, our technical engineers know best how to outline todays and the future digital world. By using the latest (cloud) technologies every solution that is created will be future proof, stable, scalable and performant.  



Do you have a specific question? Drop us a message, we'll get back to you with the answer you are looking for!
Kanaal 23, 3621 Lanaken
[email protected]
Tel: +32 479 08 02 36

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