Medchronicle’s solution will offer a controlled environment to the different stakeholders involved in Continuing Medical Education. This ecosystem will allow the content to be validated by his community of healthcare professionals. The leitmotif here is the algorithm provided by Mechronicle that will ensure the reliability and independancy of the community. Every stakeholder actively involved in creating relevant content will have the opportunity to have his content validated by the community. Mechronicle will work closely together with the established regulator institutions within the domain of Continuing Medical Education.



In addition to a platform where relevant content can be validated Medchronicle will also be an accreditation provider allowing his users to obtain Credit Points (CP) if all requirements meet the regulations of the local authorities. A user will be granted Credit Points if he or she participates in an e-learning on the platform. The state of the art technology of the platform will determine if the user actively engaged in the e-learning and will grant accredition of Credit Points only if approved by the platform. Next to e-learnings Medchronicle will work closely together with event organisers that will allow them with the latest technology to determine if an user particpated a session. Also for live broadcasting events Medchronicle will provide a solution that will automatically grant Credit Points to its participants. 



A third pilar of the Medchronicle solution is the automation of the entire process with a possibilty to link to the current legacy systems. The Medchronicle platform will offer a - as much as possible - automated workflow not only the content validation process but as well for the accreditation process. Needless to say that we build our solutions according to the ‘privacy by design’ concept that will be in line with the latest regulations as GDPR.




A unique blend of IT and business skills combined with years of sector knowledge are the ingredients that got Medchronicle started. For more than a decade we have been helping organizations optimizing their most complex business and IT challenges. With extensive knowledge in the domain of CME, the medical and pharmaceutical sector we are today more than ever ready to focus on one of the most complex challenges in the sector; shaping the future of Continuing Medical Education.  


Within Medchronicle we strongly believe that we can help shaping the future of Continuing Medical Education by using the latest state of the art technologies in combination with sector knowledge. We are convinced that with our skills in combination with our knowledge we will enrich the life of everybody who is involved in CME. Not only will medici benefit from the platform by giving him/her state of the art tools to participate in CME and track their progress. But also the processors by giving them the power of automated follow up and advanced content validation. 


The right skills build the right technology that will solve the most complex challenges. The digital world is evolving faster than ever, our technical engineers know best how to outline todays and the future digital world. By using the latest (cloud) technologies every solution that is created will be future proof, stable, scalable and performant.  



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